Classroom & Behind the Wheel package price:  $350.00

Phase I:  Thirty hours of classroom instruction.
We Accept:
American Express,
& cash
Main Street
Driving School
  • These three hour classes can be started any class day - see our schedule for Anoka.
  • The Anoka classroom is located at 3716 7th Avenue North.  See Anoka map.  We are
    across the street from Anoka High School just south of 38th Avenue -next door to the
    Russian Grocery Store.
  • To start, arrive 15 minutes before class begins to enroll.
  • Preregistration is available but not required.   
  • Bring a notebook, something to write with, and at least $100.00 as a deposit toward the
    program fee.
  • You can go ten days in a row, or pick the dates convenient for your schedule.  Simply
    complete each of the ten modules to successfully complete the classroom program.
  • If you completed class elsewhere we can provide behind the wheel -call or click for details.

    .                        Phase II:  Six hours of behind the wheel instruction.
  • Private, one on one lessons.
  • We can pick you up at your home, school, wherever is convenient for you (within our
    service area).
  • Our experienced instructors follow a structured in-car lesson plan that focuses on
    defensive driving using the most up to date techniques.
  • Just call our office to schedule these two hour lessons at your convenience.